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The Sacramento Poetry Center


The 2011 Quinton Duval Chapbook Contest

In memory of Quinton Duval (1948-2010)

Open to writers from West of the Mississippi

Deadline August 15, 2011

20-24 pages of poetry on any theme

$10 entry fee – checks payable to SPC

Winner receives publication and 50 copies of chapbook.

Do not put your name on the manuscript pages, but attach a separate

page with contact information and the title of the collection.

If submitting via email, put “Chapbook Submission” in subject line, attach

manuscript as a doc, docx or pdf file, and put contact information in body of email.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please notify SPC if your chapbook is accepted elsewhere.  All rights revert to authors.

Send email manuscripts to:

Send paper manuscripts (and checks for all entries) to:

Sacramento Poetry Center

1719 25th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

Attn: Quinton Duval Chapbook Contest


There won’t be enough

lazy time spent dreaming in the shadows

of beeches. To figure things out,

all anyone needs is time.


from “My Future,” a poem in Quinton Duval’s collection Joe’s Rain (Cedar House Books, 2005)

The Sacramento Poetry Center welcomes all styles of strong, well-crafted poems for the next Tule Review.

Submission deadline for the next edition is:  August 27, 2011

  • Include no more than three poems, maximum 96 lines per poem.
  • Include the following information at the right-hand, top of each page: your legal name, name used for publication (if applicable), e-mail address, street address, and phone number
  • Poems continuing onto a second page should be indicated as follows: “Title of poem, page 2″
  • Also, indicate if there is or is not a stanza break between the first and second page: (stanza break) or (no stanza break)
  • Include a short, five-line bio on a separate page / in a separate email attachment.
  • We do not accept simultaneous submissions, but sometimes consider previously published poems. If previously published, note the name and date of prior publication on the page below your poem.
  • If your poem(s) (is) are accepted, you will be notified via email (or via US mail if you do not have an email address).
  • Submit via email at Include all submitted poems in a single attachment to your email (not within the email itself).  Your attachment should be in MSword format (.doc  or .docx).  Please, no .pdf
  • Submit via USPS at Sacramento Poetry Center | c/o Tule Review | P.O. Box 160406 | Sacramento, CA 95816.   Include an SASE if you wish to be notified via US mail instead of email.

The deadline for submitting a five line sample to be included in The Sacramento Poem, a book-length renga that will be edited by SPC’s Tim Kahl is December 1.