The Sacramento Poetry Center welcomes all styles of strong, well-crafted poems for the next Tule Review.

Submission Deadline for the next edition is:  August 27, 2011

  • Include no more than three poems, maximum 96 lines per poem.
  • Include the following information at the right-hand, top of each page: your legal name, name used for publication (if applicable), e-mail address, street address, and phone number
  • Poems continuing onto a second page should be indicated as follows: “Title of poem, page 2″
  • Also, indicate if there is or is not a stanza break between the first and second page: (stanza break) or (no stanza break)
  • Include a short, five-line bio on a separate page / in a separate email attachment.
  • We do not accept simultaneous submissions, but sometimes consider previously published poems. If previously published, note the name and date of prior publication on the page below your poem.
  • If your poem(s) (is) are accepted, you will be notified via email (or via US mail if you do not have an email address).
  • Submit via email at Include all submitted poems in a single attachment to your email (not within the email itself).  Your attachment should be in MSword format (.doc  or .docx).  Please, no .pdf
  • Submit via USPS at Sacramento Poetry Center | c/o Tule Review | P.O. Box 160406 | Sacramento, CA 95816.   Include an SASE if you wish to be notified via US mail instead of email.